Your data is completely in safe hands.

“Friends don’t spy; true friendship is about privacy, too.” 
― Stephen King, Hearts in Atlantis



We are getting so many queries in review section of our android app. We can understand its obvious to ask. Its obvious to worry about your privacy.  There so many sites or application which are stealing your data and Tracking your Internet browsing. The main motive behind this is to utilize this data while serving advertises to you. Selling user’s data is a big market.  But its not ethical to compromise users privacy just to earn money.


As you can check we are not serving any advertises to you and we can assure you we are not tracking your internet browsing. Your data is completely in safe hands. Currently we are not making money from this app. But we are planning to launch a business version of this application (waistra) and  SaaS (Software as a service) products for waistra. We are not planning a Advertise based business modal. You can trust on waistra and free to use without any worry about privacy.

Pepoles are worring about “Manage phone call permission” in waistra. We are asking permission to manage phone calls just for getting your device id to send you notification and manage your Authentication but we are not tracking your phone calls or not tracking your internet browsing or call logs.  In our upcoming version which will be launch soon we have removed this permission and we’ll not longer ask permission to manage your phone calls.


We would like to assure you your files and your personal info is completely safe and secure. Use waistra without any worries. For more information Please have a look at our privacy policy.


Thanks for using waistra. Download free cloud storage app for android 

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