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Waistra A free cloud storage app. Journey to the future

With the introduction of vacuum tubes and semiconductor it was merely an idea to have emerging high capacity personal cloud storage’s but now it has become part of personal life to organizational goal. With this the issues which revolve around these cloud storage services are User experience and Data Integrity.

A research paper titled Why are people willing to pay for cloud storage service?“,  highlighted that by enhancing the user interface design user experience can be made rich with providing stability and security of data. Another research paper titled “ User experience in the Cloud: Towards a Research Agenda enumerated the key issues including user data storage and access, multi device access of services and storage, integrity of data.

Waistra has addressed issues regarding user interface, data integrity and accessibility. It provide user friendly easy to use user interface with quick and responsive architecture. It is creating heights in terms of user design. Another issue which is involved in cloud storage is regarding the storage limits and several restrictions with file sizes and file types. Waistra Provides absolute unlimited storage without hidden terms and conditions which are imposed often by some other cloud storage providers. Even it provides on board accessibility of multimedia files with loaded user experience.

Recent controversies due to breach of data and privacy policy aligned whole community towards potential threat of data. To address the integrity of data Waistra came with 256 bit encryption to enhance the security of data because without integrity cloud storage is nothing. Waistra has capability to set targets in experience of cloud storage services with its exclusive features.

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[2] User Experience in the Cloud: Towards a Research Agenda By Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila Tampere University of Technology, Human-Centered TechnologyKorkeakoulunkatu 6, 33720 Tampere, Finland

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