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Waistra: I represents Intuitive in sharing

Smooth Sharing features in the cloud storage service leads to better accessibility of a best cloud storage app or service. Because sharing increases intra user engagement by transfer of data including files, documents, and images which enriches the cloud experience. With increasing scope of cloud based services such as is Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the services based on cloud demands for multiple data sharing features. Therefore Waistra always priorities the accessibility to use the cloud storage services because it fulfills the ultimate objectives of the cloud storage services. Waistra has multiple ways of sharing cloud data with other users.

1. Public Mode: It is unique sharing feature of Waistra Cloud Storage which provide a next generation feature of sharing. It is a close sharing tool as you start to follow a particular person/ colleague/ friends you will get accessibility of those files whenever your friend makes them public. In this method of sharing at Waistra you need not to create a link for sharing of documents, images, videos and other files. Once you activate the public mode of Waistra person following you will get the files shared by you.

2. Create Link: Sharing with link is very initial sharing tool which provides flexibility of sharing for single user. You can send files directly from Waistra account to any user by simple link and concerning user will get the shared file. It is considered an easy and effective sharing where you need not to make any file in public mode.

3. Direct Send: In Direct send method of sharing use sends files directly to file manager of Waistra to the concerning user if user accepts the sharing request created by the initial user. In this method the file will be saved automatically in the file manager of the user. It does not require any creation of link or making files in public mode.

With these sharing features Waistra creating a new enriched user experience of cloud technologies and cloud storage apps. With cloud services it also provides free unlimited cloud storage space with other unique features like Waistra apps, Waistra business account, user experience, integrity of data, privacy to enable high degree of experience in cloud services. Recently breach of privacy and data raised many issues of data handling and privacy. Therefore Waistra is always conscious regarding the user experience.

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