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Waistra: S stands for Secured with Encryption

What is Encryption?
Encryption is a type security method in which concerning information is encoded so that only authorized person can access the transmitted information with maintaining the integrity of data. It has become an essential part of communication due to importance of integrity of data. There are various types of encryption methods depending application of encryption.

How Encryption works?
Encryption is a tool or technology which manipulates the data in order to get higher level of security.
Can you read xhjUdghnojinUThjbjOnjbyNVHVTCnvhgcNBNS? Off course No. It is impossible to predict the meaning of the encrypted message without decryption. After encryption the message virtually becomes a disorderly mess of random characters. The encrypted message can only be decrypted with complete knowledge of concerning algorithm. There are various encryption algorithims including Triple DES, Ghost, MD5, AES, Twofish.

Waistra ?
Waistra aims to create a new cloud culture by creating a new enriched user experience of cloud technologies. With cloud services it also provides free unlimited cloud storage space with other unique features including but not limited to multiple ways of sharing multiple types of files, sharing in public/ private mode, user experience, integrity of data, privacy to enable high degree of experience in cloud services.

Encrypted Waistra
Waistra is engaged with higher degree of security to maintain integrity of data for smooth cloud experience as Waistra aims to create new cloud culture. The new cloud culture can be created only with integrity of data and the encryption is the way to ensure integrity of data. Encryption has multidimensional role in ensuring security of Waistra. It varies from encryption of username and passwords to encryption of uploaded files. In recent time breach of privacy and data raised many operational issues of data handling. Therefore Waistra is always conscious regarding the data. Waistra used custom algorithm for encryption for all type of data up to 256 bit encryption so that decryption of streams for unauthorized user can be made null to ensure secure cloud experience. So enjoy seamless cloud experience with Waistra

Waistra: W stands for Wideness in space
Waistra: A stands for Amiable in Access
Waistra: I represents Intuitive in sharing
Waistra: S stands for Secured with Encryption

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