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Waistra: T stands for Transparent in Operation

Credibility of a cloud service provider is considered as a major factor while choosing a cloud storage app or cloud based service provider. Because credibility of cloud service builds trust towards service provider by bridging trust deficit. Increased issues about integrity of data have created awareness among user to use cloud services. Waistra: The new cloud culture believes that transparency in user operation for cloud services will help them to increase their trust towards cloud services whether Software as a Service (SaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This transparency allows users to transact with cloud smoothly and it brings healthy awareness regarding cloud services. Therefore Waistra is creating heights of transparency in operations by adopting user based feedback and monitoring mechanism. This system of procedure is called Operational Transparency Procedure (OTP) which aims to create a transparent, bidirectional and open mechanism by which an unclassified feedback report of a random user will be published on the interaction mediums of Waistra. The random user will make cyber audit of all the concerning issues of the service provider and will provide feedback to the service provider for better cloud service user experience. The unclassified user feedback will be published by the Waistra cloud service provider on internet to provide wider look for other user to build trust towards cloud service.

Operational Transparency Procedure (OTP)

  1. A random user will be notified for Operational Transparency Procedure (OTP)
  2. User will be allowed to make such monitoring and feedback procedure
  3. User will provide brief and detailed feedback report based on observations
  4. Brief feedback report of Operational Transparency Procedure (OTP) will be published by Waistra

With having objective to create new cloud culture, Waistra has started a unique campaign with providing cloud storage services and infrastructure since beginning to contribute in creating additional carbon sink as it estimated the role of IT server’s role in generation of excess temperature rise. This common social responsibility campaign of Waistra by planting trees is capable to contribute in generating additional carbon sink as it evident that cloud storage servers also make surplus to carbon footprint. Therefore Waistra started to plant a tree for every satisfied cloud user and also takes care of it so that it can help to reduce the negative effects of climate change. The new cloud culture being a tech giant is helping to mitigate climate change by generating its own additional carbon sink along with the creating ease of cloud services. In conclusion if every company starts same kind of contribution then definitely we will be able to create these milestones prior to the deadlines. So let’s join hand with Waistra.

Waistra: W stands for Wideness in space

Waistra: A stands for Amiable in Access

Waistra: I represents Intuitive in sharing

Waistra: S stands for Secured with Encryption

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