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Waistra AnalyticsFree Website Analytics

Here get the deep insights of your website with Waistra Analytics which is free for all users. You can start using Waistra Analytics easily after integration of Waistra Analytics with your website. Have accurate data.

Waistra Analytics

Privacy First PriorityWebsite Analytics

We adheres our full commitment to ensure integrity of data. Hence we give full privacy protection to all our users to provide integrity of data with in-depth data visualization. We have nothing to do with your data.

Waistra Analytics ensurefull website analysis

Free Forever

Waistra Analytics is purely free for user along with premium feature. You will get premium features for website analysis freely.

Easy Integration

Integration of Waistra Analytics is very easy if you are integrating Waistra Analytics with your website. Integrate quickly, start exploring.

Privacy Protected

Privacy is our primary concerns associated with it and we protect it for our users. We never share any of your data with anyone, anyway.

Why Waistra Analytics?

Here are some of the reasons so that you must try Waistra Analytics for website analysis over the traditional website analysis tools.

Easy to use

It is very easy to start website analytics with Waistra analytics.


Accuracy of Data

Waistra Analytics gives perfect accuracy of acquired data.


Beyond Limitation

Get access of unlimited Waistra Analytics without any cost.


Data Intelligence

Waistra analytics uses data intelligence to give perfect analysis.


Integrity of Data

Waistra Analytics ensures integrity of data for your account.


Plan with analysis

Plan your business strategy along with the website analysis.

Waistra Analytics Integration

How to Integrate Waistra Analytics?

Here is the quick process which shows the illustration of integrations process of Waistra analytics.
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