Free unlimited cloud storage

A Complete Suite for your new cloud culture

Waistra provides a powerful, efficient operating system of Internet. So enjoy the new cloud culture with unlimited storage, end to end 256 bit encryption, secure culture sharing with easy and efficient file handling. Waistra is a true unlimited cloud storage app.

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Music and Videos On Cloud

Store your videos and music playlist on cloud and stream them anywhere anytime without downloading them on waistra cloud storage app.

Cloud Storage For Your Photos

Never Lost your memories again. Store your photos on cloud storage without affecting quality and access or share them anytime anywhere.

Follow Peoples And Share Easily

Connect with your friends and colleagues on waistra and share your memories and documents. Its a new cloud culture.

Cloud Storage For Team Work

Better Collaboration
Can Increase Productivity

Create a resource sharing environment with your teammates and other techocrates by accessing network ecosystem for better planning and utilization of resources. Waistra cloud storage can be your assistant while work from home.

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Powerfull Business apps and pages

Powerfull Business Apps
Business profile to generate more leads

Waistra provides business solutions at one place. Just create Waistra Business account and explore possibilties to increase your organizational growth.

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Plant Tree, Save planet

Plant Tree Save Planet

We realize out responsibility as Common social responsibility instead of Corporate social responsibility to take care of climate then we can stop rising temperature of earth by 2100 by cutting emission at our end.

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Features Specifications

Three Pillars of Waistra Cloud Culture

Waistra is built on 3S instititional pillars Suraksha (Security), Shamata (Storage capacity), Saralata (Simplicity).

Your files are in safe hands

Suraksha (Security)

Waistra uses 256 bit end to end encryption to provide a secure cloud storage. Along with it we are also compatible with Personal Data Protection (Draft) Bill of union of India.

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Easy interactive interface

Saralata (Simplicity)

Providing easy, interactive, reponsive interface, quick secure sharing of files to feal the new cloud culture.

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Your unlimited space is here

Shamata (Storage capacity)

Waistra is providing free unlimited secure cloud storage space to store your media files and documents without any absolute limitation.

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Waistra introduces a complete new cloud expirience. The unlimited cloud storage, awesome sharing, pepole to pepole connection, cloud apps and much more.

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